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Hi! This is me, the founder


My name is Carl Matthew Charlesworth.

I'm a certified, professional dog trainer & dog behaviourist 

I absolutely love dogs! Dog training is my passion.. My life. I knew this from the very day I trained my first dog when I was 24 years old. I'm 44 now and still love what I do. I love giving dogs and their owners the opportunity to live their best life possible. A well trained dog is a very happy dog

I coach you how to train your dog. From 2004 I have been studying dogs and their behaviour. I'm a balanced dog trainer - training with love


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I trained my first dog (a German Shepherd) back in 2004. Back then I was working for a dog security company where I was taught by professional dog trainers to train dogs for security work

The first dog I trained became my very own dog who became my companion and working dog. This particular dog, Max came to me from the police. Max didn't like switching owners, which in the force he was in, was required. The police sold Max to me as they knew I would become his only owner and in time, friend

Max was a nervous, slightly confused boy. But after a month by my side he was happy and confident. He would now sit on command, stay, bark/speak, walk off leash, run and swift stop/halt on command. I even taught him to chase and take down a criminal. Well, luckily he never had to do this for real. By criminal I mean a work colleague wearing protective gear

I offer my services to you so that you can be friends with your nice, calm, happy dog who knows that (even though you're a friend) you're in charge. Dogs need direction!

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Me & Max - 2005

From 2004 to about 2010, working with dogs was my full time job. On my day off (a Saturday or Sunday) I would go perform magic at a kids partywedding or do stand-up at comedy clubs. I started practicing magic before I started training dogs. Around 2010 there came a time I had to decide which career to persue. I chose entertainment. I had a great career with my entertainment business for a successful ten+ years while setting the dog stuff aside for a while. I even appeared on a few TV shows. After covid lockdown ended, my magic show bookings didn't come back enough to pay the bills, so I got back into my other passion; dog training. And I'm so glad I did. 

So now dog training is once again a big part of my life. (I perform my comedy and magic a few times a week). And although I have a high success rate and I'm very good at what I do (my clients words), I thought I'd stay up to date with further educating myself, so I now have a professional dog trainer certificate, a canine behaviour training diploma with a distinction and even a continuing professional development certificate for canine behaviour
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I cover Sheffield & Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lincoln and all Lincolnshire. 
I am willing to travel ANYWHERE if you need me.



Carl of Charlesworth Dog Training is a professional canine behaviour expert.

Since 2004 Carl has been studying dogs and their behaviour 


With the extensive knowledge of dogs and their behaviour, Carl is able to pinpoint reasons behind your dogs behaviour and therefore knows which methods of training to use when training your dog and showing you, the dog owner how to train your dog

Carl doesn't have a 'one size fits all' approach. He understands that like humans, every dog is different

Carl has a very high success rate and gives you the tools and knowledge to continue driving your dog to success

Carl has visited clients who have hired other dog trainers who haven't quite managed to succeed. The dog owners were just about ready to give up and send their beautiful pet to the kennels, or worse.. the euthanasia table! :( But don't worry, Carl managed to teach the owners how to save their dog from stress and anxiety, and their dogs stayed in their loving home, stress free

Dog owners who hire Carl are people who love their dogs and are serious about the mental and physical wellbeing of their canine companion

Every dog needs leadership. If you're not the leader of your pack, your dog feels the need to take that role. This can cause stress, anxiety and confusion in your dog. This can lead to reactivity, aggression, unwanted barking, snapping, leash pulling, peeing in the house, crying, nervousness and many other issues


If you're ready to give your dog his/her best life - hire Carl today

email us if you have questions

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