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Chesterfield Dog Trainer


Charlesworth Dog Training is a professional dog training company serving Chesterfield and all Yorkshire. We offer a range of services to suit all needs, from basic obedience training to more specific help with behaviours such as recall and behaviour modification; separation anxiety, aggressive and reactive behaviour, etc

dog trainers chesterfield

Carl - AKA, The Dog Magician is one of the most successful canine behaviourists in the country. By successful, we mean one of the busiest and one of the best. One of few dog trainers who will get the results you long for in a very short period of time. Most dog owners who hire The Dog Magician are happy with the positive results they see after just one session, and feel confident that what they have learned from Carl, is enough knowledge to continue the road to dog training success. But if it isn't, you simply book another session with Carl. And at such a low price for such a high value service, you won't mind if you do. BOOK NOW

Whatever the problem, whatever the breed, whatever the situation; I will help you with your dog.. And coaching you how to continue the training.

Behavioural issues, aggression, reactivity, recall, jumping up. No problem too big or too small.

I have a unique and holistic approach to changing a dogs behaviour.  


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