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dog scared of Fireworks

My dog is scared of fireworks

A dog afraid of fireworks is very common. We have to desensitise them. The best way in my option is positive association. Basically making fireworks become 'insignificant' to your dog - maybe even a good thing

dogs fireworks

Fireworks, your dog, and things you can do

While you might be getting excited about your annual fireworks display, your canine is likely to have jammed him/herself under the table and chairs or behind the sofa. The loud sound of fireworks might make us jump a bit, but such sensitive canine hearing can leave your dog feeling like bombs are being dropped overhead. This can effect your dog and you may find they won't eat or drink, or even sleep.


Training your dog to accept and live with fireworks will save them from their anxiety and fear. Here are a few simple methods to help you teach your dog how to stay calm with all those bangs. 

It's not a super quick fix, but well worth pursuing for the sake of your dog and you. The main part of this training will be to gradually desensitise them to the big, scary sounds. For puppies, overcoming the fear may only take a week or two.

Fortunately, the measures you can take as a pack leader are straightforward. Be patient and persistent and you’ll soon have your dog actually enjoying fireworks.

Getting Started

Proactive Attitude

You will need: tasty treats, a YouTube clip of fireworks and their bed/crate nearby.

Obviously we can't control when fireworks happen, so you're going to make a fake display. Hence the YouTube thing.

*A COMMON UNINTENTIONAL MISTAKE is trying to comfort your dog while the fireworks are going on, giving them treats, cuddling them. You've done this, right? Did it work? Nope. Why? Dogs see cuddling, petting and the "oh good boy/girl' voice as praise. So in their mind they think, "I'm freaking out at fireworks and getting praised for it, so I should be worried, I'm doing the right thing".

STAY CALM AND RELAXED and play the fireworks video on a low volume at first and sit down and relax, showing your dog there is nothing to worry about. Do this for about one minute. If your dog doesn't seem worried.. that's when you praise and treat him/her. If it didn't work, repeat the process. Go through these steps and day by day increase the volume and time you leave the video playing. Lots of praise when they don't react.

DOG: "Hold on.. If I don't react to that weird noise, I get praise! Maybe I don't need to worry after all"!... Positive Association and Desensitisation

Their bed is close by in case they need to feel a bit of comfort during the usually scary situation. It gives them a familiar comfort feeling.

It won't fix their fear right away so keep at it. Persistence and patience is key here.


I hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!

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