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A trained dog is a happy dog

You and your dog are enjoying a nice walk around the neighbourhood. Your happy, calm canine companion is trotting nicely by your side on a loose lead. He sees a dog. Not at all bothered he just walk past.


You get to a field and let your dog off the lead for a run around. It's time to leave. You call your dog, he runs back to you and sits down for you to put the lead back on.


You get home and your dog sits at the door while you walk in first. You say "come" and he follows.


Now you're off to work. You say, "crate" and your dog happily jumps in his crate. You get home after a hard days work. You make yourself a brew and your dog is waiting patiently for you to let him out his crate. You let him out and five minutes later you fuss him. He loves having visitors and is calm around your other pets

This is a fairytale for you, right? Otherwise you wouldn't be here reading this. Or maybe you would. Maybe you would like your dog to be trained for protection or as a service dog. But if you are here because you'd love the above story to be a real one, I'm here to help. I can show you exactly how to achieve this. 


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