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dog trainers lincoln

Dog Trainer, Lincoln

Lincoln's number one dog trainer, Carl Matthew has been training dogs since 2004. That's over eighteen years working with dogs, studying canine behaviour and teaching dog owners how to live in harmony with their happy doggy

"Best Dog Trainer Services. The session we had from Carl was great. My puppy learned so much and so did I. It's an enjoyable experience too. Highly Recommended" - Jamie L - Skegness

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Teaching Humans to Speak Dog

Lincoln Dog Trainers provide Dog Behaviour Rehabilitation and Training for dogs and their owners in Lincoln 

We show you how to fix separation issues, how to stop reactivity, aggression, biting, jumping. We show your dog how to walk to heel, sit, stay, and help with recall. On top of this we train dogs for security, protection and police work


We believe every dog is different and we train them based on their behaviour

Oh, we also train kennel dogs ready for rehoming. Our goal is to keep all dogs out of kennels.

There are no bad dogs! 

Train your dog like a pro

Get the best out of your dog with proven dog training techniques from Lincoln dog trainer, Carl Matthew. "Dog training is my passion and I'm here to help you learn how to train your dog"

Experience you can trust

"As a certified dog trainer, I have a vast of experience in working with all breeds, from puppies to older dogs. I specialise in behaviour modification such as aggressive and reactive dogs, leash pulling and resorce guarding"

Customised training solutions

At Charlesworth Dog Training we understand that every dog is different, so we customise our training solutions to each individual pet’s needs. We provide one-on-one sessions in Lincoln


Achieve the perfect pooch

We can help you train your furry friend into a happier, healthier companion through positive reinforcement techniques and balanced training methods. Our experienced trainers will teach you the necessary skills to ensure your pup stays well behaved and obedient at all times!

Train Your Dog the Right Way

Are you looking for a professional and proven dog training program in Lincoln, that will help you train your dog the right way? Look no further. Charlesworth Dog Training provide effective and tailored dog training techniques, right in your own home!


Learn From The Best

Our experienced Lincolnshire dog trainers have years of knowledge and experience in all aspects of dog training, from basic obedience to more advanced behaviour modification. We are passionate about helping you get the best out of your pet, while teaching you how to train your own dog too! All Dogs Welcome

We offer tailored services for all breeds and sizes of dogs, ranging from puppies to seniors. Our trainers are experienced in working with aggressive or reactive dogs, as well as those who have experienced trauma or anxiety

Achieve The Best For Your Dog

Our professional trainers use proven methods and techniques to help your dog reach their full potential. We can help with leash pulling and remorse guarding, as well as other common behavioural issues. We provide a safe environment for both you and your pet, so that you can both learn how to work together.

Take Control of Your Dog

Don't let your dog control you. With Woburn's professional dog training services, learn how to take the reins and train your canine companion with proven methods and techniques

From Puppy to Adult

"From puppies to adult dogs, I help all dog owners learn how to train their dogs with the same passion and enthusiasm as I have for my own business"

Train Your Dog in Lincoln

"I am located in Lincoln and provide my services throughout the local area, and when needed the whole of the UK"

My Speciality & Passion

"Training dogs is my passion and I believe that investing in the right knowledge will make you a better owner for your canine companion. You can rely on my expertise to modify your dog's behaviour in a safe, effective way"

Achieve Lasting Results

You can count on us to provide results that last long after our lessons together with proven techniques for teaching your pet obedience and manners

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