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How much does a canine behaviourist / dog trainer cost? Dog trainers Lincoln

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Some charge fees equivalent to minimum wage. You can find some as little as £50, believe it or not.

Some professionals, the ones who have studied intensely and do it as a full time career, the ones who care about the results you the dog owner get, charge between £200 - £2000

Me? I’m only £229 for a 90 minute session at the moment, with a follow up visit costing only £80

Why aren’t I charging less?

Because I’m really good at what I do. I care about your dog. I care about you living the life you want with your canine companion

Why aren’t you expensive?

Okay, so I’m not charging what I’m fully worth right now. You’d be happy paying five times my fee once you see the results I get for you. I’m doing it at this lower fee to stay in line with the current cost of living crisis. All this at the same time as giving you the same top notch service you deserve

Straight talk time:

Dog owners who have seen what I can do are more than happy to pay my fee. They know my worth

Dog owners shopping around hoping to find a budget trainer are not the clients I get.. or want. I want the ones who care about their dogs.. Like seriously

If I was £50 a session, I’d be mega busy. But I don’t want to charge £50. Canine behaviour experts are worth their weight in gold

I’m a budget hunter myself. But when it comes to the well-being of my kids, my partner, family, friends, and my dog, I’m not skimping!

Dog owner budget hunters shop round for the cheapest “dog trainers”, hoping that one will come along and magically fix their dog in an hour.. All for a silly, unrealistic fee

Dog owners pay hundreds or thousands for a holiday to make themselves happy. They’ll pay a mechanic a shit load of cash to fix their car. They’ll pay hundreds for a haircut, nails, fake tan and make up so they feel lovely. They’re happy to pay a grand for new garden furniture to enjoy

They love their dogs. We know this because they’ll pay hundreds to thousands of quid to the vet when needed

So why, when it comes to getting their dog trained, do they think a couple hundred quid is too much?

Dog training stimulates a dog, makes a dog happy. It’s good for them. It’s great exercise; mentally and physically. It could literally save their life - Imagine a dog owner with a dog who lunges, barks and scares a kid.. It take one unknowing member of the public to make a complaint, get the dog tagged under the dangerous dogs act, and get the dog put down 😞

Imagine a dog who isn’t trained on recall, breaks free from the lead and runs into the road 😱

Think of the “unruly” dogs who people see as out of control, and rather than spend a couple hundred on a pro trainer, they take it to the kennels 🤦🏼‍♂️

LOADS of dog owners understand the importance of hiring a professional dog behaviourist to get their dog living the happy life they should. They’re the ones who won’t think twice about paying the right fee for the right expert

SOME owners just think, f*#k it, I’ll deal with the dog yapping and snapping. Or hire a trainer for fifty quid and get surprised they’re not getting all the right answers and results they hoped for

Don’t get me wrong, there are some hobbyists who are actually really knowledgeable about dog training - and you might hire them for a hundred quid and be happy with the outcome

If you pay £250 to do something that makes you happy, pay £250 for someone who will make your dog happy

Or research how to CORRECTLY train your dog. Put in the hours and enjoy your life 😁

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