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Positive only vs balanced dog training

Positive only dog training works

In fact it can work really well over time… For general obedience. But try positive only training on an aggressive dog with a bite history, or a leash reactive dog. Or a dog who’s been pulling you down the street for three years

Positive only dog training works for some training aspects, but a balanced dog training approach is needed for other aspects

When I train a dog, I use balanced training methods. It’s 99% positive reinforcement and 1% correction when required


Let’s say you’re teaching your puppy how to follow simple commands; sit, stay and heel. That can all be done with positive reinforcement / positive only training

Let’s say you have an aggressive dog.

He’s already bit a human and shook a dog. With positive only training you would redirect your dogs attention and pay him with praise or a treat

Good luck with that!


I’ve seen SOME trainers who claim the title “Positive Only / Force free dog trainers” shout, “NO” and give a very light tug on the leash while withholding a treat. That IS NOT positive only!

I have nothing against positive only, but you can’t claim that title if you do anything other than reward good behaviour and ignore undesirable behaviour

So.. Back to it..

How is a dog to understand he’s behaved undesirably if he hasn’t been corrected for trying to pull toward, growl and bite that human passing by if he’s not told/corrected?

If you saw your kid throw a stone at passers by, would you redirect his attention and give him sweets, or let him know what he did was wrong?

How is a KID meant to know what behaviour is not allowed if you don’t correct them?

How is a DOG meant to know what behaviour is not allowed if you don’t correct them?

I’m not talking about shouting or hitting. I’m talking about humane correction training methods

Amongst dog trainers and dog owners alike, there’s a massive hoohaa about how a dog should be trained

Some say that balanced dog training is outdated. Some (including me) say that “thinking” balanced training is outdated, is outdated

Balanced training is using all different types of dog training methods. Proven techniques. Studied methods

Establishing rules, boundaries, leadership, LOVE, trust and confidence

A well trained dog is a very happy dog

Every human needs a well trained dog. Every dog needs a well trained human

Balanced dog training uses humane methods that helps your dog become a happy, loving, well behaved canine companion in a short time

NEVER HIT YOUR DOG - Obviously that’s just cruel

NEVER SHOUT AT YOUR DOG - It simply doesn’t work

Training your dog using harsh methods like the old days may work, but then your dog is listening to commands through fear! We want our dogs listening to commands because they want to - because they enjoy it.. Because they love you

POSITIVE ONLY DOG TRAINING IS GREAT and it works in a lot of cases

BALANCED DOG TRAINING IS GREAT and works in most cases

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