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Why won’t your dog listen?

Dog training advice blog

It's blunt, but the reason your dog isn't listening to you is because he/she doesn't respect you... But only because they don't know they're meant to

You can train them to! TRUST ME

“I’ve tried everything! Treats, toys, praise. My dog won’t listen to my commands”?

Sound familiar?

Then you haven’t tried everything. You just think you’ve tried everything - but it’s okay to think that.  We only know what we learn



They see it as a game, so it’s fun for them

So read on to find out what you may (unintentionally) be doing wrong

It’s very common for dog owners to negatively effect their dogs behaviour when they feel they’re actually doing the right thing for their pet

So, the questions:

1. Do you leave your dogs (empty or full) food bowl out all day?

2. Do you leave their toys out for them to enjoy a play whenever they like?

3. Do you let your dog sit or stand above you, on the sofa for example?

4. Do you fuss your dog to try to calm them if they’re barking at the door or at people and other dogs?

One more..

5. If you have a reactive or aggressive dog, do you make sure you’re ready for the pounce by pulling the lead back so you have control when they go for it?

If you answer yes to ANY of those questions, that’s where you’re going wrong

It seems like those things would be okay, right?

But no

Let me give you advice on the right way to do things. Follow my advice and you’ll see a positive difference!

I guarantee it

If you’re struggling with this, you can hire me to come to help physically - Get in Touch

Question one explained:

Leaving your dogs food bowl out all day gives them the opportunity to decide when to eat. You’re giving your dog the right to make their own decisions. They feel they’re in charge of dinner time

In time this can lead to resource guarding, and even taking the lead in other ways

Another benefit of taking the bowl away is having a better idea of toilet times. If they can eat any time, they can poo anytime

Maybe they eat right away and you’re just leaving the empty bowl there. But taking it away until their next feeding time gives your dog a clear message that you’re in charge. This will help a lot when it comes to training other things

  • Feed your dog.

  • Give them 20 minutes to eat, then take the bowl away, whether they’ve finished or not.

  • Repeatedly doing this helps your dog understand that you’re the leader of the pack, and they eat when you say.

  • When they realise the bowl is taken away, the dog will think, “I’d better eat this now cos’ it’s going away”


Question two explained:

You think that by leaving toys out, you’re making your dog happy. Well you’re right. Of course dogs love playtime. But it’s a bit like the food thing. If they can have toys whenever they like, they’re in charge of what they play with and when

So when it comes to training obedience, and you use a toy or food as a reward, why would they listen when they can have their toy (and food) whenever they like anyway?

Put the toys out of sight.

Give your dog ONE toy when you’re ready for them to play.

You’ll be surprised by how much easier dog training will be going forward


Question three explained:

When your dog makes an obvious effort to get higher than you (I don’t mean cannabis) 🫣, he/she is showing leadership!

“I claim this space!

I am ruler!

I am protector”!

You’ve got to nip that in the bud! (Again, not weed) 😁




Question four explained:

Fussing your dog is a beautiful thing. Calming for both human and dog. But fussing at the wrong time is not good

WHAT? There’s a wrong time to pet? Absolutely

Petting is rewarding. Fuss is payment to a dog. 💰 When you pet your dog you’re reinforcing the behaviour they are currently showing

So fussing doggy while he’s chilling next to you, calmly on the sofa shows him you want that calm behaviour

Fussing your dog (“to calm them”) while they’re barking at people shows you want that behaviour

Fussing while they’re cowering to the noise of fireworks makes them think that you are afraid too and they should be worried

Pet your dog when they are calm. Pet your dog during play, but petting does not calm your dog in their stressful mindset


Question five explained:

You’re walking your dog. Someone else is walking toward you with their dog. If your dog is usually reactive, you anticipate how your dog is about to act, so you tighten your grip on the leash and tense up

Your dog feels your anxiety and mimics your feelings and acts how he thinks you want him to. He barks and lunges towards the other dog and/or humans

It sounds like magic, but your dog knows what you’re feeling. Dogs feel what you feel. It’s like you’re sending stress and anxiety down the leash

A leash should ALWAYS be loose.

You should be able to hold the leash with two fingers

If you’re calm and trust your dog, great things can happen

If you need my help with that, get in touch

My dog training success rate is ridiculously high! Like 100% high

When it comes to dog training, remember this:








I hope you enjoyed the read.

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Happy Training!

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