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Charlesworth Dog Training

Train to Re-home Service

Sorry, this service is out of action until 2025

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What is the TRAIN TO RE-HOME service?


We offer to rescue a dog from a kennel, who is not suitable for a new home due to aggression, reactivity, nervousness, separation anxiety and so on, and train them ready to go to their new home as a friendly, calm, happy canine companion


We offer to rescue a dog from owners who don't want to re-home their dog with the behaviour issues they're struggling with. We train them ready to go to their new home as a friendly, calm, happy canine companion

We don't charge the dog owners for the service. Instead we sell the newly trained canine for a small fee. This covers the dog training fee. A portion of the fee will go to ADUK (Assistance Dog Charity)


There are a number of reasons dog owners feel the need to re-home their dog. A change in circumstances such as moving to a smaller property or abroad, a financial downfall, a brand new human addition to the family, or the dogs undesirable behaviour has become too hard to handle. That's just a few examples

Most people when looking for their new puppy or dog, want their lovely canine companion to be friendly and happy. They want to be able to leave the dog alone while they go to work, and for the dog to be content staying alone for a while without barking, whining and ripping the house apart

Even when the new dog owner takes on the responsibility after being made aware of the dogs behaviour issues or separation anxiety, they may find they've bitten off more than they can chew. "Oh, they'll be fine with us"... "Oh my, this dog's out of control"!

The new owners might be great with the dog and give it the training they need. Brilliant.

Or... They may call you asking to bring the dog back to you. They may re-re-home, or they may send them to the kennels. THAT'S NOT GOOD!

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If you have any questions about our dog rehoming service, or would like to find out if we can take your dog, please get in touch

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