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Updated 24 January 2024


dog trainers sheffield

After spending loads of money on unsuccessful trainers, we eventually hired Carl, who fixed every behaviour problem our dog had - Phil & Andrea, Barnsley

best dog trainers

We hired Carl to train our crazy family dog, Milo to be obedient. He ran wild, barked at everyone, wouldn't come back when called and chased every small animal and bird he laid eyes on. But now, thanks to Carl, Milo is obedient and answers to all commands. It's life changing and Milo is so happy. Thanks once again Carl - James Roberts, Sheffield

dog training school

You've calmed us as much as you have our puppy, Dido. You're like a therapist for dogs and humans - Kyle & Andrea

dog trainers buckingham

You're the coolest dog guy
Jen, Barnsley


Hi Carl, Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say a massive thank you for your help. Simba and nala are like different dogs already!!! Although I know it will take time, the improvement in their behaviour is unbelievable. Really looking forward to continuing their training with you - Nikki

dog training classes

Hi Carl, I’m going to be honest with you. I was hanging on to the email you sent asking if we need any extra advice because I really wanted to wait until we had a question. However we really don't. Skye is learning everyday and we are all noticing a positive difference in her. We cannot thank you enough for your help with Skye and us. Kind regards - Lucy, Lincoln

dog training classes

Incredible Service. The training sessions Carl provided went so much better than I imagined. I saw my dog go from crazy to calm in minutes! It's like magic. And it was so much fun. Thank you Carl - Amanda Scott

dog trainers leighton buzzard

Thanks for an excellent 3 hour session on Friday 6th Jan. We got lots out of it and have continued with the work at home with both Buddy & Sadie - Jason & Alison Shacklock

recommended dog trainers bedford
dog trainers buckingham

You're like a wizard for dogs
- Lisa C

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recommended dog trainers woburn
dog trainers lincoln

Just had our first training session with Carl and we are so pleased with the immediate results. Our GSD, Kenji is really nervous and this makes him appear very aggressive. Carl was brilliant with him and quite quickly taught us how to deal with the situation. We are really looking forward to the next session. Following this, we had a fab 24 hours with our boy. We can see so much more improvement in him and he is really eager to engage. I’ve noticed he is watching me so much more as if he is waiting to be told what I want him to do. We haven’t had any actual visitors today, but have had knocks on the door that would normally lead to a five min barking session, but he has stopped almost instantly with just a command. His usual morning half hour yappy stage that starts when Ash appears lasts just minutes now - Nancy Davies. Lincoln

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