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Training Services

We love helping dog owners! We love helping dogs! We get results!

"We specialise in behaviour modification - Aggression & Reactiveness, Separation Anxiety, Unwanted Barking, Confidence Boosting, Excitement Calming, etc. But I'm happy to help with simple obedience training too - Walking to Heel, Sit, Stay, Recall, etc"
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We keep things nice and simple for you.
No messing around. You book a session, and if you feel you need another, you simply book another. We've made our price very affordable, so we can help as many dog owners we can! You get 100% effort from a pro canine behaviourist!

Behaviour Modification 


Get your dog to walk nicely instead of pulling, stop reactive behaviour, stop jumping, leave things they shouldn't be grabbing, fix aggressive dogs, unwanted barking, separation anxiety, and so on

Home Visit: Around Two Hours

I will visit you in your dogs familiar environment and perform an assessment. Here we will talk about what you need from your dog and our training session. Then we'll start the training. I will show you my proven techniques and leave you with the tools you need for continued success


Ongoing text or email support included for one month after your training sessions



Drop & Collect Training: Drop off and leave your dog with me at the Charlesworth Dog Training ground in Lincoln - for three hours. I'll do all the hard work. When you come to collect your dog, we'll sit down for an hour where I will show you how to keep on top of the training



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Video Call Consultation: 90 Minutes

£75 - Book Now


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In most cases, you will see immediate results. You will find you will only need the one session to see total success

In ALL cases, you will need to carry on with the training methods you learn from me. This will guarantee continued success going forward

On the odd occasion, you may feel you need a follow up session 

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Let's Work Together

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